Notice on Winter Vacation

22-1-19 下午5:03 作者:盖超 【

1. Vacation Issue: Winter vacation period: 2022.1.9-2022.2.19. There will be teachers on duty during the holidays to deal with the urgent problems.

2. Epidemic prevention and control: During the vacation, report the daily personal situation through “疫情防控通” of UPC. Do not leave Qingdao unless necessary. Once the destination becomes a medium- or high-risk area, it will affect your life. If you want to leave Qingdao or campus, you need to report to Gai Laoshi one week in advance and get permission from Gai Laoshi. It will be the same when you return to campus or Qingdao from other places and keep the transportation information. From Jan.29th-Feb.9th Admission application into campus will not be approved.

3. Payment reminder:  Students need to pay the tuition fee and buy insurance of the Spring semester of 2022 in the first week of next semester. Please make preparations in advance. On-campus students are required to clear the first half-year accommodation fee by the end of January.

4. Safety reminder: please pay attention to personal safety during the vacation. Do not drive motorcycles without driving license; Do not work illegally to avoid repatriation; Do not use high-power electrical appliances to avoid fire; Do not burn coal in your home to avoid CO poisoning; If you have any psychological problems, please contact Gai Laoshi or your friends in time. CIE will contact a professional psychological consultant to provide help.